Hey there. Welcome to Parajukee Design. I’m sure that you’ve seen some of my work around the internet and it landed you here. Or are you familiar with the blog that I run, parajunkee.com and are just curious about what I do IRL? Either or, welcome, take a look around, I really hope you like what you see. I spend a lot of times on my design, so I really hope you like them!

I think that my design is a little different than what you normally see out there. Unlike other designers out there, I happen to have a HUGE background in design, social media and Marketing, so I like to take your design and focus it to your target market and in the process make something remarkable. A design that will be uniquely yours. A design that you will not see ANYWHERE else.

Parajunkee Design also has a unique niche group of customers. I focus mainly in the world of literature. I design and implement marketing for authors, publishers and book bloggers. But, that doesn’t mean I stop there, I have also done a lot of work for musicians, B2B corporations, medical professionals and photographers.

Rachel Rivera, Designer for Parajunkee DesignTHE DESIGNER BEHIND PARAJUNKEE DESIGN

Parajunkee Design is run by me, Rachel Rivera.  It is a sole proprietorship. My background includes over 15 years in design and marketing. I’ve worked as a Marketing Coordinator for Fortune 500 companies and as a Design Manager in large advertising agencies. I’ve also worked for small businesses where I am the Marketing Department. I have a lot of experience and am extremely creative, and the cherry? I work at a fast pace for quick output under tight deadlines.