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Visually stimulate potential readers with a book trailer, or build excitement with countdown trailers. Either way, take your marketing to the next level with video - the most liked and shared format on social media.

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Did you know that videos are the most shared and engaged post on Facebook? Did you know that a boosted video post will get almost 1000x the engagement than a link post? Doing a countdown to your release day is an excellent marketing tool that has not been overused. Countdown Vids get noticed. A well-crafted and quality book trailer, or promotional video will also reach more readers, we are visual creatures. If done well, and with your target audience in mind, you can reach thousands of potential readers with one video. Parajunkee Design can also work with you to create a custom promotional video with your own footage, prices are not listed for custom videos since price is dependent on location and third party vendors. Please email if you would like to discuss filming a custom video.



  • Five Videos
  • 10 seconds each
Basic trailer


  • Prices start at $350 (time based)
  • One 15s - 30s stock teaser video


  • HD Video
  • One 60s+ Video



*Prices listed do not include stock videos or music.